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SHIFT KIT (SK 4) C-4 1964 (including early 65 Mustang)
Item #T26165

SHIFT KIT (SK 4L) C-4 (C4 65-66 Except Early 65 Mustang) (TransGo) GREEN DOT VALVE BODY
Item #T26165A

SHIFT KIT (SK 4SL) C-4 67-69 (8 Cylinder) (Includes 70 Falcon) (TransGo) SELECT SHIFT / SCREW IN MODULATOR
Item #T26165C

SHIFT KIT (SK 4-71) C4 70-72 (except late 72 with push in Modulator and Early 70 Falcon w/PED-C3 and PEE-V2) (TransGo) WITH SCREW IN MODULATOR / VENT IN EXTENSION HOUSING: Raises overall line pressure. 75% quicker 2-3 shifts. Quicker action all shifting. Crisp shift performance and more durability.
Item #T26165E

SHIFT KIT (SK C5) C-4 and C5 73-86 (TransGo) PUSH MODULATOR (ALL) Corrects/ Prevents/ Reduces: No reverse hot; 1-2 slide; soft 2-3; 3-2 cutloose; 3-2 3-2 shuttle. 2nd band failure.
Item #T26165F

REPROGRAMMING KIT (40-2) 70-UP: COMPETITION, OFF ROAD: AUTOMATIC SHIFT;HD, C4 70-UP (TransGo) Automatic shift, Competition, Off road and Pro-street. (For C5 Use 71-Up C4 Valve body and filter.)
Item #T26169A

REPROGRAMMING KIT (40-3) C4 70-UP: STICK SHIFT FULL MANUAL: CONVERTS BACK TO AUTO (TransGo) Competition, Off road, and Pro-street Full Manual control; converts back to automatic shift. (For C5 Use 71-Up C4 Valve body and filter.)
Item #T26171A

REPROGRAMMING KIT (47-2) 67-69: COMPETITION, OFF ROAD: AUTOMATIC SHIFT;HD, C4 67-69 (TransGo) Automatic Shift, Competition, Off-road and HD use. You will hardly believe the difference
Item #T26169